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Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles, Geographe (1688-1766)

Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles, Geographe (1688-1766); Copper engraved map of Royaume de Danemarck qui comprend le Nort-Jutland divisé en les quatre Dioceses, le Sud-Jutland divisé en ses deux Duchés, de Sleswick et de Holstein et les Isles de Finnie, Selande, Laland From Atlas Universel, Paris, 1757.
Copper engraved, framed, map size 575 mm. x 490 mm. in the plate (about 30 mm. margins) and coloured in outlines with cartouche with text in black and white up to the right. As always folded in the center after the atlas and one small tear repaired up. Very good quality. Once in Robert de Vaugoundy's atlas "Atlas Universel, 1757. "
Refernce Bo Bramsen; Gamle Danmarkskort, benhavn 1952, page 129.
3000 SEK